If you would like to submit to DNAtured Journal, please send 10 headlines to DNAturedJournal@gmail.com with the following:

  1. Headline
  2. A short overview of the article
  3. A sample joke

Please keep under 80 words per headline.


Headline: Parents Demand Recall After Child Who Read ‘Quantum Physics For Babies’ Still Can’t Explain String Theory

Overview: An article about parents trying to get their kids ahead with “Physics For Babies” books and their disappointment when it (obviously) fails.

Example joke: “He still can’t tell a quark from a hadron,” fumed the boy’s father, who lost several deposits after 8-month-old Jordan failed the entrance exam for a summer college prep course. 

For more details on the tone and scope of the website, please consult our writer’s “textbook.”

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