QUIZ: Which of Earth’s critically endangered species are you?

Which of these critically endangered ecosystem would you prefer to die out in?


Which already extinct species would you frolic with if they weren't super dead?


What already diminishing food supply (uh oh!) could you NOT live without?


Pick your top Deforestation Destination!


QUIZ: Which of Earth’s critically endangered species are you?
Chinese Pangolin

You’re a softy at heart but you don’t let anyone get too close with your hard exterior shell, and for good reason! You’re nearing extinction because people are just OBSESSED with your shell, claws, and meat. It’s like, you get it, every part of you is gorgeous and amaze! But you wish people would poach you for your PERSONALITY some time.
Hawksbill Turtle

You’re a uniquely colourful fashionista who LOVES to travel! People have been biting your tortoise-shell pattern so much that you’ve had an 80% decline in your population in the last century ALONE! People say you have some serious resting bitch face, but how else would your face look if you try to chow down on a jellyfish but instead you choke on a plastic bag! Ugh!
Kakapo (aka the Owl Parrot)

You’re a vocal activist who loves long late night walks, chatting with anyone who will listen about how European colonization nearly wiped out your entire species! Haters are always saying you can't fly, but your flightlessness lets you develop soft AF feathers that are FLY-ER than cashmere, baby!

You’re highly misunderstood because you’re shy and aloof, but once people get to know you they value your passion for gender equality (in your species, horns are for EVERYONE), afternoon naps, and dying mysteriously in captivity! People call you the Asian Unicorn because you’re such a rare delight, and because people keep hunting you to snatch up your crown of horns.

You’re the embodiment of the California dream; work hard, chill hard, as evidenced by those constant dark rings around your eyes! Unfortunately, your beach bum lifestyle is getting you caught up in a TON of fishing drag lines, so make like the “little cow” you are and MOOve somewhere that spills tea not oil!
Sumatran Orangutan

You’re a natural born problem-solver with a bit of a sweet tooth, maybe you can curb that addiction to lychees by flinging them at the loggers who are deforesting your habitat on the daily!

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