New Book On Dunning-Kruger Effect Includes Complementary Mirror

Taro, Ken et al

A new book on the infamous Dunning-Kruger Effect, the hypothetical cognitive bias stating that people with low ability at a task overestimate their ability, has turned heads after including a mirror as its cover art. 

“Overconfidence in one’s ability has always existed — how else would we have invented airplanes — but technology has put it front and centre,” said Dr. Paige Hernandez, the psychology professor and author of the book Dunning-Kruger and You.

“Most people, even the smart ones, overestimate their intelligence,” asserted Hernandez. “Why write thousands of words few people will read when a simple design trick will do. That’s why I included a mirror. 

Dr. Hernandez says her hope is that everyone will do some self-reflection.

“Basically, if you buy this book on your own, you’re probably safe,” said Dr. Hernandez, “but if someone buys it for you, you may be one of the people this book is talking about.” 

Rochelle Evans, editor at Horizon Publishing, called the book revolutionary. 

“This book will change the way people think,” explained Evans. “At the end of each chapter, the book instructs the reader to look at the cover again, simply brilliant!”

Evans also mentions that there is a deluxe hardcover edition of Dunning-Kruger and You that includes a Magic 8-Ball. 

“Readers can ask the ball directly if they are indeed overestimating their abilities, just in case they can’t grasp the significance of the mirror,” said Evans. 

A fan of Hernandez’s other work, Hagos Bisrat bought it the minute it debuted on Amazon for $18.99. 

“I couldn’t wait for this to come out,” said Bisrat, an avid reader. “Now, I don’t have to stress out when I think about what to give people as presents on their birthdays. This book is the perfect gift. Hell, I plan on giving these to people whether it’s their birthday or not!” 

Hernandez later ordered hundreds of copies to distribute them at airports, sports arenas, and anywhere else people congregate.

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