Grad Student Life Hack: Save On Rent By Squatting In Your Empty Lab!

Kaplan, J., Pearlman, M., Office, E. et al

Diving further and further into debt because your grad school stipend can only cover rent OR food? Lower your expenses by secretly shacking up in your empty lab! 

Apart from the cost savings, living in the lab also has a bunch of other benefits, like:

Amenities that are the same or better than your apartment

Who needs a bed when you have a dirty microwave, an ice maker, cluttered shelves full of books you’ll never read, sinks that reek of bleach and bacteria, and super strong alcohol!

All the yeast you could ever want

Worried you’ll miss out on the sourdough baking craze without your home kitchen? worry no more! instacart may be out of yeast but there’s plenty in the lab, and just think how great the warm room will be for proofing dough

Mouse roommates

Instead of having noisy roommates who leave their dishes in the sink, living in the lab ensures some quiet roommates who poo everywhere

Fruit flies cheerleaders

These lil guys basically CHEER whenever you eat fruit, and without rent you can probably afford a few berries for once!

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