QUIZ: Does The Lab Tech Hate You?

Graham, L. et al

Or do they just glare like that at everyone? Set your anxiety at ease with this quiz!

What best describes your position?

What field are you in/studying

What is your favorite lab rule to break?

Which of these WHMIS symbols do you fear the most?


How tight is the lab technician’s bun?

QUIZ: Does The Lab Tech Hate You?
No, but only because you ARE the Lab Tech

You love order and for all these damn kids to keep their paws off your precious instrument! Loosen your bun and live a little, if one of them breaks the machine you can take some vacay!
Yes, you are the Lab Tech's nightmare!

You're not even wearing gloves OR goggles! You're disorganized, clumsy and a lil too casual to be trusted with a 2-million dollar instrument, best keep back and have your lab partner handle it before the Lab Tech flies off the handle at you.
Yes, but only because you are keeping the Lab Tech from their precious instrument time

You're safe and careful, and that is what threatens the Lab Tech the most! What if the instrument starts liking you better, and gives you all the best data? The Lab Tech would shrivel and die, so they must stare down your every move to keep you from usurping them.

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