Whoopsie! Researcher Accidentally Submits Paper To Science Total Landscaping

Wynne, E. et al

A group of researchers hoping to have their newest work published in the prestigious journal Science have accidentally submitted their paper to Science Total Landscaping. The article appeared in the Journal’s November issue, in between advertisements for a sex shop and a crematorium.

Prior to its release, senior author on the study Dr. James Cooper tweeted “Article out in Science, 11:00 A.M.” Shortly after he deleted the tweet and wrote “Big paper out today in Science Total Landscaping – 11:30am.” The journal Science also tweeted about the article stating “The recent article by Kwan et al. will NOT be published in Science. It will be published in Science Total Landscaping- No relation with the Science publishing group.”

Lead author on the study Dr. Ellie Kwan was disappointed by the situation. “I thought I was going to be an author in Science, we were all expecting this huge fancy celebration,” said Dr. Kwan. “It was a real blow to see the article with that drab teal and white colour scheme in Science Total Landscaping” Dr Kwan lamented.  “I suppose we should have been suspicious of the low publishing fee, and the poorly drawn graphical abstract that we later found out was made by an actual four-year old child” said Kwan.

The Editor-in-Chief of Science Total Landscaping, Chip Woodley was thrilled to publish such an impactful paper. “The article was really out of the scope of our journal, it’s not something we usually get asked to publish. But we knew it was going to be so high impact we really couldn’t refuse” said Woodley. The Journal is now receiving so many new submissions and citations that its impact factor skyrocketed from 1.2 to 120.0.

The increase in popularity has allowed Science Total Landscaping to produce merchandise for its newfound fans, including lab coats that say, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration from landscaping” and “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giant shrubs.”

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Erica Wynne

Dr. Erica Wynne is an Aussie immunologist working in the US. Her mom thinks she’s funny.

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Dr. Erica Wynne is an Aussie immunologist working in the US. Her mom thinks she’s funny.