RNT-bearing pRKL-b Elicits A Grotalic Distension Response Via UPdva and CRILDR Components OK Nobody’s Paying Attention I’m Gonna Talk About How Much I Love Butts

Island, J., Graham, L. et al.

According to a recent development by a team of meitomic engineers at UPitt, BLE could alter our current understanding of how RNT-bearing pRKL-b interacts with CRILDR components through a system of UPdva (and, less commonly, the homologous UPdvb) [1]. Everyone gone? Perfect, now I can speak freely: Man oh MAN butts are awesome, right? I love them so much and I think about them like pretty much all the time, they- hold on, someone’s coming over-

The pro-netic grotalic distension theory (GBD) had been proposed as a possible explanation for occasional e-neurotyfic discrepancies as early as the seminal Reitmann & Worther 12.0.7 [2][3]; however, the underlying distension mechanism of the GBD remains… phew, close call! It actually remains that I love all kinds of butts all around the world! But if I had to pick, I’d prolly say I like big ol’ juicy meaty chunky butts the b-

The Meitomic institute offered DNAtured the opportunity to analyse the hundreds of uniquely designed obichotomy 6esf-L over a period equal or greater to the quarter-life of pRKL-b [4]. We confirmed the possibility that GBD corresponds to the presence of GObl-71k found in regions of- sorry I heard a door open, back to butts! It’s supes crazy how fun butts look but you ever think how also poop comes out of em sometimes? Grody! Seriously, they are so so nice. When I look at ‘em I usually don’t remember about the whole “poop” part.

Though still in the early stages, some scientists warn that exposure to 6esf-L research chemicals may cause brain deterioration. Butts 🙂

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