Study Suggest More Men Would Recycle If Blue Boxes Would Just Smile More

McAuliffe, J. et al.

A study by the North American Climate Change Action Plan (NACCAP) tracking men’s attitudes about recycling suggests that while the men do understand the perils of climate change and will donate to environmental causes with masculine logos, they would be more likely to insert their empty tall boys, tuna cans, or chapsticks into blue bins if these recycling receptacles were a bit more voluptuous.

NACCAP spokesperson Sam Barry said that the men reported that the blue box would probably be happier if it just smiled once in a while, instead of looking so tired and miserable on the sidewalk. 

“Almost half of men mentioned that they were somewhat uncomfortable with the amount of attention the blue bins got from sanitation workers each week,” said Barry, adding, “and that if they were to start recycling, they would monitor all such interactions from the living room window.”

As a result, the NACCAP is starting an open call for designers, asking for a blue bin that can hold at least 30 litres of material, with a hip-to-waist ratio under 0.9, “natural” looking make-up and a curve-hugging dress. 

“But most importantly, the new designs need to have a smile that says, ‘come on big boy, toss your bottle inside me.’” 

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