Phew! Physicists Say That, Theoretically, There Must Be At Least One Universe Where You Are Thriving

Graham, L. et al

A group of theoretical physicists recently unveiled some reassuring news for many people struggling to cope with everyday life; statistically speaking, in a non-zero number of universes, you are killing it!

“Every time you make a decision, the universe splits,” said theoretical physicist Dr. Tamara Kwang, “so there’s a theoretical universe out there where you did everything right.”

“It’s just that statistically speaking, you’re the most likely to exist in one of your more ‘flop’ universes,” she added.

Dr. Kwang said the one of the main conflicts between her colleagues was not that multiple universes existed, but on which level they existed. “… well, at least that’s the debate in this universe,” she clarified.

Despite her accomplishments in the field of multiverse theory, Dr. Kwang is no stranger to the feeling of being a failure compared to her multiverse selves.

“I often wonder if I’ve won a Nobel Prize for discovering another universe in another universe,” she lamented.

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