Disney Acquires NASA And Announces Live Action Remake Of The Moon Landing

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Exciting news for science fiction fans broke today as Walt Disney Pictures announced the purchase of the National Air and Space Agency (NASA), and revealed the stars of the new live-action remake of The Moon Landing (1959). 

The original film, which starred Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, was filmed to convince the world that the United States had won the space race, and will be recreated, shot-for-shot, with Daniel Radcliffe as Armstrong and Scarlett Johanssen as Aldrin [1]. Disney is likely hoping the cult following from the original film will translate into box office success.

“We think that there’s no better time for a Moon landing remake than now,” stated Disney spokesperson Sharon Taylor. “With all the advancements in filmmaking, we can make an Apollo 11 movie that looks even more convincing than the original. Namely the fact that we can for sure land on the moon now. We’re talking actual stars, realistic-looking shadows and editing out that suggestive looking crater that upset a lot of parents.”

Unsurprisingly, many fans of the original release have strong feelings about the upcoming remake [2]. “These damn corporations keep trying to ruin my childhood!” says retiree Edna Weston. 

While many are displeased by the remake, that hasn’t stopped fans speculation about what other potential NASA films could be released. “Just watch. This is just the start of the NASA Extended Cinematic Universe.” Said local cinephile Evan Waltz. “I will flip out if they make a crossover movie with Aliens!”

According to a rumour, Buzz Aldrin is set to make a brief cameo in a non-speaking role.

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